How to Get Rid of Wood Stain Smell? | (5 Proven Ways)

How to get rid of wood stain smell

Have you ever had to remove the wood stain smell from your house? How did you do it? It’s really awful!

I am a big fan of experimenting with certain natural products to eliminate the wood smell. After years of hard work, I’ve come up with some reliable ways and products to banish stain smell fast.

So, How to Get Rid of Wood Stain Smell?

There are so many ways to get rid of wood stain odor. Top ways include well ventilation and fanning. Encapsulating the seal coat after stain also does this job effectively. You can also absorb this stubborn odor by using Natural remedies like charcoal, baking soda, and lemon.


Why stain smell lingers long is probably an important point. I figured out after a lot of research that smell gets soaked in the wood along with the stain. As it dries, it releases those fumes in the work area.  So, it takes a little bit of time to get rid of this odor permanently. But you can help to make it faster by following certain tips

Top Ways To Remove Wood Stain Odor

There are plenty of ways to clear out the unpleasant fragrance of wood stain. Some of these are simple as well as cheapest. Let’s see top effective ways to remove wood odor one by one.

1. Ventilate well

Open windows, urbanities!After paint, ensure the indoor surface gets plenty of air to dry off completely. For this, let it ventilate well. Open windows so that sunlight and air could help to kick off the odor. For at least, eight to 24 hours painted surfaces should be exposed to an open or ventilated area.

2. Keep fans moving

If you can’t ensure fresh air then go on with the fanning option. Turn on almost all types of fan ceiling, exhaust, and pedestal near the painted surface. Keep on these fans moving for more than eight hours depending on weather and humidity. Cross air circulation provides ventilation to escape odor particles.

3. Use air purifier

An air purifier is somehow an expensive but effective way of eliminating odor permanently. It filters the air from any contamination with AOC (Advanced Odor Control) Carbon Filter. It also reduces VOCs and household odors from cooking, pets, and smoke. It is designed to catch airborne particles found indoors where air or sunlight can reach easily.

4. Coat Encapsulating sealer

These sealers are available without any noxious solvent and toxic chemicals. So, they don’t have an odor of stain. Just before staining, you can apply one coat of sealer that can help to move away odor. These sealers will also increase the life of the paint.

5. Natural ways to remove the odor

Natural measures can also be useful for removing this odor without any side effects. But there is no guarantee that smell will vanish permanently. Let’s check out how you can absorb off-gassing fumes coming out of stains using simple household items.

Absorb the smell using Lemon

This way is so simple, so cheap, so effective that you would not even believe it. All of you probably have lemon in your fridge or garden. What you need to do is just take a bowl full of water. Place the slice of lemon inside the bowl. A combination of water and lemon will absorb the smell fastly. Just place it around the painted area overnight. and get rid of the smell. If the painted area is larger then you can increase the number of bowls with lemon as shown in the video

Using Baking Soda as smell absorbing agent

Maybe you do bake often. Go to the kitchen and search for baking soda. It works extremely well to filter the air from any contamination and works as an efficient odor absorbing agent. If you don’t have baking soda, buy it from any store and open the box. You can put the open box wherever you feel odor problems need to make a mess by sprinkling it. You can place it even inside the box with an open mouth as shown in the video below.

Using Charcoal for removing odor

Sometimes Nothing beats the smell of freshly painted rooms other than activated charcoal. These charcoals work as a filter that opens the spores to absorb odor. You can get any form of charcoal as pellets or packets used in a fish tank. Just put one cup of charcoals in a bucket and leave it in the middle of the stained area overnight. Watch this video. Dispose of these fumes properly and don’t use them again.

Do you know the hard-hit area to remove the stain smell? For me, the kitchen cabinet smell is very difficult to remove.

Tips To Avoid Toxic Wood Stain Odor

Wood stain odor is really awful as it lingers invariably. What can you do to avoid this pungent smell, especially in larger areas? There are a few simple and inexpensive ideas below that actually work. Let’s Check Some more things –

  • Make sure to use low VOCs or ultra-low VOCs that are “odorless” and water-based like PureColor wood stain and sealer.
  • If you are staining wood furniture, don’t do it indoors. Always paint on open areas.
  • Ensure cross air circulation for indoor stain order
  • Don’t use exterior wood stain to the interior surface
  • Always prefer nontoxic pure color water-based wood stain instead of oil-based formula
  • Don’t throw painted brush in the bin, put it in a ziplock bag. It would help to lessen odor

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Is the smell of wood stain harmful?

Yes, wood stain odor is harmful to human health. It can cause allergies and respiratory issues.

Is wood stain toxic after it dries?

Yes, it can be toxic if the stain has a high VOC. It would evaporate its toxic organic compounds in the atmosphere that causes health problems

How long does it take for a varnish smell to go away?

Varnish smell would stay for at least a couple of days depending on dry time and ventilation factors.

How do you get rid of the new varnish smell?

A Bowl of white vinegar near the painted area can help to remove the varnish smell.

What happens if you don’t wipe off stains?

If you don’t wipe off the extra stain, it would not dry properly.

Final verdict

Well, friends, these are my top tips on how to get rid of the wood stain smell. After reading this article, you gotta deal with this problem properly. My favorite way is absorbing smell through charcoal. You may have your own opinion. I’d also love to hear what tricks you use. I am sure you’re all full of wisdom and great ideas too, so please don’t hesitate to share with me. I’d really love to hear it!

Do you have any unusual wood stain banishing remedies? let us know in the comment box below.

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