How To Remove Paint Splatter From Wood Floors | (10 Proven Ways You Should Try Today)

how to remove paint splatter from wood floors

Are you brave enough to paint your home yourself? I know many people do this though they are not professional painters. Because they might enjoy this DO IT YOURSELF activity or save a few bucks.

During this project, one thing is for sure, you are likely to get paint splash, splatters, and spills everywhere. We know it will happen. So, in this article, we are exploring the cheapest ways to get off paint splatters from wood.

Read on how to remove paint splatter from wood? To remove tough paint splatters, you should try using simple methods like warm water, mineral spirit, and linseed oil. For a tougher stain experiment denatured alcohol and chemical paint removals. Scrap them away with a putty knife or sanders. Also a heat gun is helpful in order to melt down paint splashes.

Wood is a porous material that is likely to stick paint quickly. Once it gets dry, it becomes harder and stickier. Few wooden objects are even impossible to cover while painting home like doors and cabinets. That’s why these are always in threat of getting stains that look ugly. We have got a solution to this problem.

Here we go!

10 Easiest Ways to Remove Paint Splash From Wood

Good to know that it is possible to clean paint spots from wood. There are a number of easiest ways to remove them permanently without damaging wood originality. Some of these are natural ways while others need chemicals.

Here’s the  step by step  detail of each method:

Method 1: Remove Paint Splash With Warm Water

One of the easiest methods includes warm water application on the affected area. However, it will work or not depending on the type of paint used. For oil-based formula, it may be less effective. But for the water-based formula, it will do the best job. Probably for how to remove paint without using chemicals, knowing procedure is essential. Let’s follow the steps below:

  • Take a bucket of warm water, not too hot.
  • Put a piece of cloth in the bucket and then rinse it to remove extra water.
  • Place it onto the paint splash and remove the paint. 
  • Repeat this procedure again if the paint is still there.
  • Wait for it to dry completely.
Image Source: Wikihow.Com

(NOTE: Remember not to put the cloth on the unaffected area as wood may catch moisture)

Method 2: Try Denatured Alcohol 

Simply warm water may not affect latex paint removal. For this denatured alcohol is the best remedy. You can try this for other types of high water-resistant paints as well. Here’s how you should start:

  • Soak a  piece of cloth in denatured alcohol
  • Place it over the paint spot. Don’t press it hard
  • Let it there for a few seconds to get the paint to absorb alcohol and remove it
  • Make the surface dry with a soft dry cloth
Image Source: Wikihow.Com

(Note: Don’t apply alcohol directly as it may damage untreated wood)

Method 3: Remove Paint with Clinical Spirit Solution

Fresh paint splash is easier to remove through mineral spirit solution. It is also helpful in removing old marks left after applying warm water. Below are the steps to carry on this procedure effectively:

  • Pour a few drops of spirit on a piece of cloth to make it wet.
  • Place this cloth on the affected area and wipe away the paint.
  • Repeat this process again to remove residues.
  • When done, wait to get it dry properly.
how to remove paint splatter from wood
Image Source: Wikihow.Com

(Note: Don’t apply this solution on unaffected area)

Method 4: Apply Boiled Linseed Oil

Old stains are tough though and not easy to remove. Soften these spots prior to kick-off. For this, boiled linseed oil is the best natural solution. Follow these steps below:

  • Pour a few drops of warm oil on a piece of cloth 
  • Press this oily cloth on the stain, it will soften and remove it ultimately.
  • Repeat the same procedure if you need
  • Wipe the oil spot with a rug in warm water

Method 5: Scratch Paint with Putty Knife

Sometimes warm water, oiling, and spirit nothing works on stubborn marks. It’s time to use a putty knife and scratch splatters easily. Let’s follow the steps to get the desired results: 

  • Clean the affected area well 
  • Put putty knife right under the paint marks
  • Exert force in the same direction of the wood grain gently and remove marks

(Note: Don’t draw too much force as to scratch wooden surface.)

Method 6: Use a Heat Gun To Erase Paint Marks

Heat is always effective in meltdown and decomposes paint particles. For wood, the best heat source is a heat gun that is handheld and can be taken anywhere easily. Follow the steps to know how to remove paint through heat:

  • Plug the heat gun and hold it at the position of about 6 to 8 inches away from the wood surface.
  • Throw heat directly on pain splash to melt it or soften it
  • Rub it off when it loses wood surface or use a putty knife to scratch it away.
how to remove paint splatter off wood floor
Image Source: Wikihow.Com

(Note: It may catch fire because paints are inflammable.)

So, do this procedure under strict gun control.

Change this door into wooden other door with other colour

Have a look at this video if you want to remove paint spots from the furniture.

Method 7: Use Sand to Remove Paint

Just like a putty knife, using sandpaper is another technique that drives stains away with no time. Let’s follow the steps below:

  • Clean the affected area
  • If it’s wet, let it dry.
  • Apply sand along the direction of the grain
  • Don’t exert extra procedure as it may scratch wooden dust also
  • If handy sands are not working, you can use a mechanical sander as well. It requires less force.
easiest way to remove paint from wood floor

(Note: Sanding untreated wood is not recommended.)

Method 8: Use Chemical Paint Removers

Let’s find out how to use certain commercial chemical products to remove paint.

Different products are also available in the market that is really helpful. However, most of these are a mixture of certain toxic chemicals not safe for pets and kids. Let’s see how chemical strippers work:

  • These are liquid solutions that can be used in spray bottles. Apply a few drops on the painted surface. and let it absorb
  • Spread it onto the painted area with the help of a brush
  • If the stain is too old, paint extra layers to get the job done neatly.
  • Follow the instructions on the bottle carefully
  • Remove it with metal sandpaper gently

Method 9: Clean Paint with Magic Eraser

How to remove paint splatters from a smooth wood floor? Yes, you can clean the paint with a magic eraser especially from kitchen cabinets. It works smoothly well. This product is convenient to hold in hand and easy to use. Let’s follow the steps below: 

  • Unbox the eraser
  • Press it on to the marks in the direction of the grain.
  • Exert force to scrub away stubborn leftover
  • When done clean it with a soft cloth
how to get rid of paint splatter on wood floors

Here’s the video of this procedure. Have a look at it!

Method 10: Use Paint Removal

Both indoor and outdoor wooden structures may get splashes during painting projects. There is one such product with the name Goo Gone Painter Pal that is designed to remove any type of paint anywhere. Let’s follow the steps below:

  • Spray it on the splash
  • Use a paper towel to remove the extra solution
  • Let it absorb for a few minutes
  • The pain would melt and clean it with a paper towel
  • It will give a smooth and original touch to wood without any damage or scraping marks.

It works as a magic for removing dry paint from old wooden furniture.

Tips To Avoid Paint Splish From a Wood

Possible though not easy task to get out the splatters. For this, take some precautions before planning any color project on walls, furniture, and cupboards. In this way, you can save costly objects. Below are a few tips to avoid these marks:

  • Spread Plastic sheet over furniture during painting so as not to get a splash
  • Always try to clean fresh marks because they may get harder with time
  • Use water-based paints near exterior wooden projects because they are easy to clean
  • Tape the areas where you don’t want to paint. Here mask tape will do the best job. After this peel off the tape and wood is safe
  • Properly cover the surface with cloth or sheet before you start painting projects.

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Bottom Line

That was virtually all possible ways to get off paint spills as well as splatters. We hope that after going through the entire article, you would be able to clean any kind of mark whether it’s dry or wet. But keep one thing in mind, take care of wooden finish while doing so. Always prefer those methods that are natural. 

Use chemicals only when the problem could not be solved with natural items. Tell us about your experience when you use the methods above. Did you find them effective or not? We love to read your experience and tips. Don’t hesitate to share if you have any in the comment box below. Bye for now. Godspeeds!

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