Hey, Woody Man Garner is here. Being a person of strange interest, I found myself always playing or doing something with woods in the back yard. With time, I realized it was not passion, it was a hunger to explore how and where woods can help us out. How we decorate them to furnish our indoors.

To quench this hunger, I started to work with many wooden projects.  At first, I started with just wooden doors. With time my research widened. Now I am providing services to assist you with all types of accessories, products, technical assistance, mechanical and electrical tools related to the wood world. That’s why i created this blog to share my wooden experience with my reader. Now Woodhunger is the ultimate solution to all types of problems that one may encounter from woodcutting to furniture design. Since the eighties, our products are not only meeting the exceeding expectations of our clients but I am constantly innovating new concepts with the help of technology. For free assistance with projects, kindly mail us [email protected]

Woody Man Garner

Main Products

Wooden doors, Wooden die, Woodcutting tools, Wooden Sofa, Kitchen woodwork, Office furniture, KIds furniture, bed sets, Office furniture, School chairs, Study tables, Wardrobe, Wood crafting techniques, and many more. You can download our Catalogue from the site directly.


To provide unique premium wooden  furniture plans and innovative design concepts through our videos, articles, expert reviews and manufacturers expertise with the utmost integrity just to build customer loyalty for generations

WOODHunger proudly presents what we think is a complete solution for any furnished Home, Office and even indoor or outdoor hotels or gardens. High- Quality, design and craftsmanship are the main features of our collection.


From the very beginning, our main vision is to focus on core principles of customer service, quality, value for money and innovation, and these principles that have enabled the Company to gain the trust of clients.