How to Remove Carpet Glue From The Wood Floor | 3+Easiest Ways

How To Remove Carpet Glue From The Wood Floor

Moving to a new home and wanna lift the carpet.Gosh, What a mess under it!

Hard, Stubborn, Sticky glue marks everywhere. The floor is looking clumsy. Do you want to retain the original floor glory? If yes, then you need to clean up the carpet adhesive from the floor. Read on how you can do this task.

For this, check out How to remove carpet glue from the wood floor? There are so many ways to remove the marks of carpet glue left after lifting carpet from the floor. You can move away tar-based glue marks by using adhesive removal with mineral spirit. For general carpet adhesive, hot water and steam is the best option. If the glue is too old and tough, use floor scrapers and products like Goo gone and Sentinel 626.

Carpeting itself is not healthy for inhabitants as it may cause respiratory problems or allergic issues. So, a better way is to keep on changing the carpet every three years. That’s why it is advised not to stick carpets with hard tar-based adhesive as it is not easy to remove. Let’s see how you can erase glue marks from your floor easily.

How To Identify The Type Of Carpet Glue?

Don’t jump to removal tricks at once. First, try to determine the type of adhesive used then to make a decision about its removal method. You can identify glue type by carefully observing the color of tint from glue residues. The general carpet adhesive has a yellowish tint and it’s super easy to remove.

However, the tar-based adhesive is brownish in color, and it’s usually hard, rough, and uneven when dry. It can be removed by adding tar adhesive removal with mineral spirit. It takes time to lose as compared to yellowish carpet glue. So, select the right solvent product according to the glue type.

3 +Easiest Ways To Remove Carpet Glue

There are so many ways to kick off the carpet adhesive. You can choose costly products like adhesive removal to even you can remove glue with just hot water and steam. Keeping in mind the type of glue and nature of the problem, you can select any method you like. Here are a few of them. Let’s check out the details one by one:

How To Remove Carpet Glue From The Wood Floor

#1. Removing carpet glue by applying adhesive remover

For larger glue marks all over the floor, adhesive removal is the best choice. Though its a bit costly but effective for both commercial and domestic carpet glue removal. It is advised by professionals to buy adhesive removal and carpet glue of the same brand or manufacturer. Let’s see the procedure.

Things you will need:

  • Adhesive remover
  • Mineral spirit
  • Paintbrush or sponge
  • Putty knife
  • Old towel
  • Fan
  • Sealant for floor type

Steps to remove glue

This procedure requires the steps given below. To get high results, follow these steps as it is shown in the video instruction.

1. Identification of  the glue type

The first step is to identify the glue type by its color and dry texture. If it’s yellow, it’d be ordinary carpet adhesive that is easier to remove through scrapping and adhesive remover. If it is tan then it is best to remove it through mineral spirit. So, identify which type of glue is there through careful observation.

2. Wear face mask and gloves

Before getting started, put on a face mask because the odor of adhesive removal is extremely awful. These are chemicals. Don’t touch them barehanded. Always wear safety gloves

Open the windows of the room and if possible keep the fans on. This will ventilate the unpleasant odor quickly.

3. Chip the glue with a putty knife

In this case, it is general adhesive, before applying adhesive removal, scrap the dry glue patches with a putty knife. It will somehow clear the surface and you may not need more removal in this way. So, if the glue is yellow, scrap off its dry pieces by chipping.

4. Apply adhesive removal on carpet glue

Now it’s time to apply adhesive removal. For this purpose, it is advised to check the instruction menu on the box. Use a paintbrush to apply it to the glue areas. To soften it, apply a coat of mineral spirit after every coat of adhesive removal. This will keep it wet

5. Wait to set it

Take time to set the removal on the surface completely. After setting it will start to loosen the surface. It means it has done its work and now you can clean it. Don’t let it on the wood floor for more than 30 minutes as it can damage your floor fine finish.

6. Clean the Adhesive removal

Clean it using a putty knife. Don’t put extra pressure, do it gently. For stubborn areas, you can use the edges of the putty knife carefully. But never try to use sharp blades or any other tools. This can damage your floor.

7. Final cleaning

After one time cleaning and scraping, check the floor for any kind of residue. To clean up residues, apply the mineral spirit and adhesive removal on a towel and clean all. Gently scrub it as it will clean up finally

8. Rinse the area with water

Mop the area first and then rinse it with clean water. But make sure after washing dry it completely. Don’t let electricity wires get in contact with wet flooring.

2. Removing Old Carpet Glue By A Scraper

What to do if carpet adhesive is too hard, too rough, and too old? Sometimes homeowners never change carpets for years. It is a really challenging job to get rid of such old sticky glue marks from the flooring. Here scraper does this job effectively. But never try this technique on the tile floor as it may damage tiling.

Things you will  need

Steps to remove glue through the scraper

This process is handy without using chemicals. It requires a floor scraper with a long handle. Watch the video below and follow the steps given below.

  • Old glue leaves lining on the floor and it’s always tan or light brown in color. It looks rough with a hard texture. So at first, identify the glue type.
  • Use a broom to remove all kind of dust particles over the hard texture of adhesive and clean it
  • Scrape off glue as shown in the video, it would look like sawdust
  • Broom the area and then again scrap off if necessary
  • Wash it with clean water at the end and let it dry

3. Removing  Carpet Adhesive Using Sentinel 626

For commercial carpeting, scrapers and adhesive removal are not enough. These carpets have heavy underlines with nylon threads that are stuck with glue and are not easy to pull off. This procedure is somehow expensive but effective

Things needed

  • Carpet cutter
  • Sentinel 626 bucket/Go gone
  • Hot water
  • Wiper
  • Long handle brush
  • Razor floor scraper
  • Scrubby pad

Step by step Glue removing procedure

Using chemicals for removing glue requires step by step organized procedure. Watch this video section and follow the steps below

  • The first step is to detach carpet residues by carpet cutter or kitchen knife. Don’t insert a knife deep in the carpet as it may cause a scratch on the floor.
  • Mix half sentinel in half bucket of warm water and spread it over the carpet glue evenly with the help of carpet roller or wiper.
  • Cover the area with a polythene sheet and wait to set it overnight. In the case carpet is still there then it will take a long time
  • Now scrap the glue using razor floor scraper. Use the scrubby pad to remove glue residues and finally it is done.

4. Call Flooring  Professionals For Mastic Adhesive Removal

If you are living with kids or old people with respiratory issues, never try adhesive removal by yourself. Get the help of flooring professionals. They know well how to deal with all kinds of carpet adhesive and carpet detaching. They are experts and come with all safety gear. They know precautions well and they would even dispose of carpet residues according to the laws of your state. So, to avoid mess up it is highly recommended to get assistance from professionals. If you try this at home, you may not be able to finish it as the pro can do. Don’t hesitate, make a call, and enjoy a clean, glowing floor without more effort.

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Effective Tips And Advice

Carpeting itself has many pros and cons. It can cause respiratory problems and different types of allergies. But in the coldest regions, it becomes inevitable to keep the room warm.

There are a few tips that can help out to remove stubborn glue spots easily.

  • Always buy high-quality brand carpet adhesive as they come up with adhesive removal also. Glue and glue removal of the same manufacturer renders effective results
  • Don’t use adhesive removal without wearing safety gear such as face masks and hand gloves. Some of the glue removals are highly inflammable. So, keep them away from fire sources
  • If you are not in favor of using chemicals, you can get rid of carpet glue through steam cleaners and hot water. It is a time taking process but it’s safe for health.
  • Yellow carpet glue is easy to remove and leaves fewer marks than tan hard glue. So, buy only those brands which are easy to clean up.

How do you remove carpet glue from a wood floor?

Tan carpet glue is tar-based and it can be removed by applying a tar remover with mineral spirit. Yellow glue can be removed by floor scrapers and chemicals.

How do you remove glue from hardwood floors naturally?

To remove glue naturally don’t use chemicals. Use hot water and steam to clean it up.

What can I use to remove carpet glue?

  1. Scrap the glue using floor scraper or putty knife blade
  2. Use steam or boiling water to get rid of glue naturally
  3. Scrap the glue with reciprocated saw fitted with scraper

How do I remove the old floor adhesive?

For old floor adhesive removal, use Goo Gone or other products live Sentinel 626 available in the market. Spread out over adhesive and then clean it or scrap it with a putty knife.

Final Verdict

Have a look at how to remove carpet glue from the wood floor, If you are planning to lift the old carpet. This article will help you to retain the original glory of the wood floor by removing ugly glue spots. For larger areas affected by glue, adhesive removal with mineral spirit is the best fit. Similarly, for small glue trouble, hot water and steam is the best option. For rather more stubborn hard glue, go on for sentinel626. Whatever the ways you may apply, you’d get results up to your expectations. If you’ve discovered some unusual ways to drive away carpet glue then share us in the comment box. We’d love to hear from you.

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