Teds Woodworking Reviews (2022) – Is It Worth The Money?

Ted's Woodworking Review

What’s the most annoying task for woodworkers? Ever thought?

Being a carpenter, I have always been in search of all woodworking plans in one place.

It was really annoying to download one plan from one site and then google others from unique resources.

Finally, I got what I needed badly!

Gosh,16000 Woodworking Plans in one deal! Unbelievable!

After years of research, I got Ted Woodworking Plans. From the buyers’ reviews and my personal experience, I found that this is the single most comprehensive resource that a woodworker needs to create anything from wood.

The question may arise in your mind; Is this really true what I said?

To prove this here is a comprehensive, thoroughly-researched Ted Woodworking review to help you find out the truth.

What does it mean by Ted Woodworking Plan


Have you ever hired a carpenter? If yes, you know then that you have to pay him to build your desired project. Average pro-woodworker may cost from 250 to $800, the price of his skills only not equipment.

You can save this money if you know the skills to do your woodworking jobs yourself. Though it is not easier said than done. It needs a proper train -up

Handy Hints: Ted Woodworking Plans actually provides us with a proper train- up guide about any plan from start to end. It stays with us like a teacher that is fully aware of material, measurement, cutting style throughout the entire project. Here you may find simple steps along with a material list that everyone can follow.

Now you may not need to hire any carpenter. All of your projects will turn into DO IT YOURSELF activity. That’s more like fun!.No matter if you are an expert in handling woodworking tools or not, this plan has guidelines according to your level as beginner, intermediate, or advanced. It OFFERS more than you expected.

HUGE….16000plans!Unbelievable!It leaves nothing else!

YOu might be thinking it would be a heavy book!No…na.Everything is digital here. So, there is no need to worry about you may lose its pages or whatever.

You can carry it anywhere you can save instructions in your tech device. That’s the real ease of this program that I like most. Whenever I needed to buy materials,I used to save its material list on my smartphone and show this to the retailer shop attendant.

Where Do the Plans Come From?

Do all plans come from Ted’s pen?

No, not at all.

Most of these plans are taken from publications, other websites, and magazines. However, some plans are totally original.

You may get confused at first if all these plans are already available then why to buy Ted’s plans? The simple answer is that

The versatility of this plan is to GET ALL UNDER ONE ROOF

Ted did the task to compile them in one place.

Did he ask for permission to copy others’ work or not? It is still an unknown fact…..

Has Ted any right to sell the collection of other’s plans?

I think copyright rules will better define this.

Let’s leave this up to lawyers or Copyright policies and move on to see what actually this plan offers?

Who composed the Ted Woodworking Plan?

Before we move on let’s share some good words about the founder of this world’s largest woodworking plan, Ted McGrath.He is a certified woodworker, trainer, and author. He is also a member of AMI.

Based on his experience, he regularly publishes books and articles. Moreover, he runs a woodworking technical class. His aim is to make plans simple to understand. For this reason, he wrote each plan like a comprehensive guide.

We appreciate his efforts in creating such a detailed version. From beginners to experts it provides an excellent guide. Hats off to you legend author!

Why TED created Woodworking Plans?

What inspired him to release such comprehensive data?. There were so many reasons behind this great edition. He found that his students are always stuck in plans that are old and complete garbage. That was the main reason that motivated him to take steps. According to Ted Woody Mcgrath Reviews, there are the following reasons behind this great collection;

  • Available plans were less specific: He found that already available plans were not specific enough. Some of these don’t have measurement while others lach images.
  • Instructions were not detailed; Most of the plans were without proper instruction-Instructions were not simple to follow on easily
  • Existing plans were complicated for beginners; For beginners, there was nothing more vital. They were designed by keeping pro carpenters in mind.
  • Old Plans were mostly incomplete: They were incomplete without vital information-Some of these plans lack cut sheet so you have to rely on material guessing
  • No Images In Plans: The picture was missing with detail–Some steps were missing or pictures do not match instructions

No wonder it’s a hard task! But HE DID IT.

What do you get in Teds Woodworking Plans?

By now, you know well that this plan would either be a PDF version or DVD edition. It’s a pretty amazing offer to get such a big collection at the lowest price of just 67$. After going through the Ted woodworking package review, you will not stop yourself from buying one for yourself!

Let’s read on what would you get inside it;

  • 16,000 designs & projects
  • DWG/CAD Software
  • 150 Videos
  • How to start a woodworking business
  • Guides to woodworking
  • High-resolution quality
  • Instant Access
  • Lifetime membership
  • For both beginners and advanced
  • Full range of projects
  • 60 Money-Back Guarantee

What does this Plan Offers?

Keeping the above problems in mind, McGrath decided to solve all the issues with existing plans. He put together all his 25 + years experience into the world’s most comprehensive collection of woodworking plans. It includes comprehensive instructions from start to finish with images, leaving absolutely no guesswork.

Here’s what this plan offers;

1.Step by Step Instructions

Have a look at this fine piece of instructions from A to Z procedure in the diagram. At first, you will know little about the plan itself.

Here’s the list of organization of instruction;

  • chosen plan
  • labeled diagram
  • material needed with measurement
  • Step by step guide of procedure

The detail of each step is super easy to understand for beginners. It will make your building projects extremely easy. You would feel as if you have an expert teacher with you. With this detailed work, your projects will move smoothly from start to end.

ted woodworking

2. Comprehensive Cutting & Material List

Before this, it was just a game of guess to take measurements and then cut the piece accordingly. This plan has solved this issue by providing a clear list of cutting with measurement and materials needed. In this way, you can plan everything in your mind according to your budget and availability of space. Chances of mistakes become very rare when you follow this list carefully.

It will also help you to buy the right thing needed. Quantity is also written here. You can,

ted woodplan

Take this handy list with you to a retailer shop to save extra bucks. Not only these one-line instructions are also written in front of measurement to guide you through cutting procedure from start to end. It’s more like a time-saving guide that’s providing you everything under one roof.

3. Detailed Colorful Assembling Diagram

When it comes to assembling pieces, this plan offers a colorful diagram with detailed schematic instructions. It is super easy to understand. Even fresh woodworkers can get this systematic assembling easily.

This high level of description will turn challenging woodworking tasks into simpler ones.No matter how qualified you are, how often you use tools, this guide will motivate you to take initiative and do your work under its instructions.

Look here in the diagram below how pieces and parts are assembled with detailed instructions.

ted woodworking reviews

4. Complicated plans from Different angle diagram

The versatility of this plan is that it leaves nothing questionable. Few plans are multi-dimensional such as kitchen cabinets. Some wooden pieces go inside the wall while others stay outside. To reduce the complexity of such plans, such projects offer images from different dimensions and angles. 

It also helps you to imagine what your ideas look like when it will be accomplished. It really works like 3D art. It will make every intricate aspect clear with its diagram. Not only workers will enjoy this feature but also the customers will love this!

5. Easy for both beginners as well as experts

No matter if you are a student, beginner, professional, or expert, this plan meets the needs of all learning levels. Existing plans are really troubleshooting for freshers. They are likely to scratch their head over complicated details of old plans.

But this plan works like magic and fills all the requirements from beginners to professionals. You can buy it even if you are not an expert in using tools. You can buy it even if you don’t know how to cut and measure. You can buy it even if you are unaware of any type of material needed to fix the structures.

6. Provides Endless Options

Undoubtedly, its world’s biggest collection. It offers endless options. You may find whatever you need. For example, it offers a variety of outdoor as well as indoor plants that you can try easily yourself. What you need to do is just follow the instructions carefully. For outdoor plans, it includes plans of fences, frames, treehouses, lawn chairs, arbor, cabins, pet homes, and many more.

For indoor use, it contains plans of mirrors, drawers, kitchen cabinets, bed sets, dressing, wooden racks, and many more

some Indoor Projects of Ted Plans Images

ted woodplanning

ted woodworking review

Outdoor projects of Ted Plan’s Images

ted woodplan reviews

7. Everything is in Digital Version

After reading such a big number of 16000 plans, you may get confused about how you will carry it. The good news is it’s all in digital version, PDF, and DVD. Nothing is in the booklet. So, no need to worry about how to carry it. How to take it to the shop?

It’s convenient to save and download in any format on your computer. You can even transfer the lists on your smartphone. You can start your project wherever you wish as it is easy to carry this plan with you anywhere. You can keep it on your laptop, mobile, PC, and tablet. You can even printout of selected pages of your chosen project.

Images of Projects you can make through this plan

You can build thousands of projects by following instructions here. Whether you are planning to make toys, furniture drawers cabinet’s outdoor frames, treehouse, or indoor bed set. You can make anything you want

Below are pictures of a few hit projects that you can build easily without any trainer guidelines though this plan only!

ted wood project image
indoor and outdoor ted project

Top TEd WoodWorking Plan Diagrams

Below are diagrams of a few hit samples of TEd plans. These plans are easy-to-follow. Instructions are also there at the side of each image to make it even easier to comprehend. We can’t break Ted’s hard work fully here. But for you, we are going to reveal the diagrams of Simple as well as common plans.






Should you buy it or not?

Hot debates on the internet these days.

Is it real or fake?

As far as my experience is concerned, I found it good, not at least perfect. But for beginners, it’s no less than a blessing. Though it’s getting controversial. Don’t know why?

It’s basically a matter of personal choice whether you should buy it or not. Being an honest customer review opinion, I will give one solid reason for buying this

I bought this because I need all plans under one roof

That was the reason for my side. Despite being an allegation of fake, I found most of the plans are easily understood. But in reality, few plans are very complicated. I could not get them easily

However, you can’t say that the whole collection is bad or everything is good. If you like DIY projects, grab it. It will make you an expert craftsman in the future!

Is the Ted Woodworking Plan Worth the Money?

Of course, this plan does. Even it offers more than it charges.

This package comes with extras for no cost. For example, lifetime membership access is included here. That alone is worth the entire price of the Teds Woodworking Plan.

It values your money because Ted put great efforts in organizing such a big collection of data for us. He pays you back if you want within 60 days of purchase. What’s suspicious now!

With time you can enjoy special discount offers, quarantine offers, sale offers and many more. From my perspective, it offers you much more in such a low amount of 67$.It would be the cost of one or two completed plans but he is delivering thousands. That’s amazing!

Does this plan offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, it does.

It offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. But I haven’t tested this feature personally. I am not sure if it does work or not!

If you are not satisfied with this product, you need to email Ted that should explain your reasons for dissatisfaction. But do this before 60 days of purchase. I have heard this process is very convenient. You need to answer a few questions only and you can get your money back.YOu can return this as you buy it.

The risk factor is always open to digital products sale and purchases. My suggestion would be to do proper research before buying any product and never apply for a return.

Is Ted’s Woodworking Plans legit or Scam?

It’s a big controversy on the internet that most of the plans fall under the category of “scam” or “fake”.To find out the real truth I myself bought one of its versions. What I found is that maybe some of its plans fall under the copyright category, but not all.

So, you can’t say the whole collection as a scam. It’s in fact hard to verify a huge number of 16000 plans one by one.

It’s true that it has become controversial but it offers a money-back feature. If you are not satisfied, you can get your money back within 60 days of purchase. Why start the blame game then? Go and get your money back if you don’t find it informative!

That’s probably the most trust developing answer, I personally give to those who question its legitimacy.

“If you are satisfied with this product keep it otherwise get your money back” Simple!

How to buy this plan?

There is no way to buy this plan from the shop. It’s available online as a digital version. However, if you want to buy physically, go with the DVD option. It comes in a digital form, not as a booklet. It is sold in two ways

  • PDF download
  • DVD edition

Honestly, I would recommend you to buy a PDF version. It’s easy to access, download and safe for future use in your tech-devices. The best source is to buy it from

The DVD version is also good. But if you order it online it will cost an extra 19$ for online delivery. Some offers are always there to boost sales. Nowadays Quarantine Offer is going on. Get the benefit of this exciting offer and save money

what to love

After getting access to this program, an exciting world of wood plans will open for you. From where to start and where to end will be difficult to decide. It has many positive aspects. Let’s check out;

  • Detailed Instructions: This plan offers comprehensive details of each plan according to the level of woodworkers from beginners to advance. To make it even easier, levels are marked as beginners, advanced, and intermediate.
  • Colorful Images: This plan is a good example of well-organized work. For beginner’s ease, colorful images are present along with step by step description. It makes your work even more fun when you start cutting and joining different pieces.
  • Easy to Access: Available in digital versions that are extremely easy to save in tech devices.
  • Offers Money-back Guarantee: It is risk -free product that Offers money-back guarantee to build the trust of customers. Its even easier and straightforward process to apply directly through email for return.
  • Thousands of Plans: A wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants are available. You can build even a bigger object like an arbor to smaller ones like a treasure case or pet house.
  • Cost-effective: No doubt this plan is cheap that cost no much dollars. Its price is only 67$. Getting the world’s largest collection with the lowest price would be an amazing deal!
  • Easy to print: Once you download the PDF, you can take out the print of any plan through the printer. It offers a variety of formats to save your required project anywhere inside your mobile, laptop, or even in hard copy.

what could be better

Along with the PLUS side, there are few Negative aspects of this plan as well. Below are the points that I found negative but not serious enough;

  • Controversial Product: Its controversial product. The online medium is not happy with its popularity. They blame it to be a scam or fake product.
  • Few plans are Extremely Complicated: Some of the plans are very complicated and not well written. For beginners, searching for the desired plan can be a time taking process.
  • Includes Thousands, Not 16000exactly: It is more like exaggeration rather than the reality that it includes 16000 plans. Though it does have thousands but not 16000.

Order Now: Get Amazing TEd WOod Working Bonus;

Free, free, free…..Go, go, and place your order!

Good news for DWG and CAD plan viewers, you can download a bonus offer along with Ted’s plan. This is an amazing digital book cum software How to start a woodworking business. This is ultimately Ted Woodworking free PDF that you can get along with Plans. If you buy it from other sources this program alone will cost 197$.But Ted is offering you free of cost as a bonus along with Ted Woodworking PDF.

This bonus offer includes

  • Free access to 150 videos that cost more than 77$
  • Complete woodworking guide with practical tips and techniques. It may cost 37$. But you are getting it free
  • Along with this, there is a comprehensive guide on how to make your woodworking business profitable.

Hurry UP, buddies! It’s free now, you can save 197$ deal.Get the advantage of this offer and book your place.

How to get 20$Discount on Ted Woodworking Plan

One more Amazing Offer!20$Off….

There is no need to pay the full price of 67$. Ted offers 20$ discount to those who send email addresses to him to avail of this offer. Follow the steps below and Enjoy the Exciting Deal With Discount Offer:

Go to the site tedswoodworking.com and search for sending your email option there to avail of this discount deal. You will find this option through popups. Once you send your email, you will get this offer ultimately.

Buck up, Start Ted Woodworking PDF Download with Special Discount Offer

What to Think Before Booking Your Order?

Finally, you ‘ve decided to place an order!

Wait, think before you buy it!

What to think now? Here are a few points to consider before purchasing this product. Though these are just about your knowledge. They may not affect your decision of buying this plan.

Check out what should you know about it

Keep your budget in your mind

Do you have enough money to place this order? Always check the price first and then fill the purchase order form. If you go on without considering the process, you may have to feel sorry when your account or credit card may not meet the credit limit required.

But in online purchases, you will have to submit money first prior to receiving the order.

Check your wallet, debit card for the amount you needed to pay for it.

Know Your Skills Well

You should have good knowledge about where do you stand in woodworking projects? Are you a beginner? Are you an intermediate or advanced learner?

So, judge your skills well before placing order. If you know much about handling tools, cutting, and fitting wood joints then you are at an intermediate level. If you will try everything just like a newbie, you will be a beginner.

Think About What Type of Plans Do You Need

Whether you need indoor plans or outdoor plans. You should have a clear concept of what you want to search in this book.

Make a list of what you are looking for prior to placing order. It will save time. It’s not easy to search one out of thousands

Learn Basic Measurements and Cutting Skills

Refresh your knowledge of maths!

You should have basic knowledge of measuring length, width, angle and height. Also, you should have basic knowledge of measuring scale and standards. This will help you out in getting through the measurement list there.

It will also save you from guesswork.

Learn Basic Digital Skills

This collection comes in the digital version. So, you should be well aware of basic digital skills. You should know how to save, copy, and download PDF  on your laptop, Pc, and even smartphone.

Basic digital skills are a must thing to understand it well.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, I would say there is no serious reason why you should not buy it. Go ahead and book your plan before its too late.

There are so many YES…..SSS for buying it and only a few NO for not buying!

We’re looking further towards the comments of those who are already getting benefits from this program. So, share your honest reviews and experience with this product. Tell us what inspired you to buy this and what you found bad here.

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