What Size is a Rick of Wood | (Secret Rick of Wood Guide)

What Size Is A Rick Of Wood

Wanna buy a rick of firewood. Know nothing about wood terminology! Big problem.

What to do now? How many logs will be in each rick? How long will the logs be? How to carry them home if the rick is too big? Such questions can really mess up your mind if you know nothing about wood rick size.

So, read what size is a rick of wood instantly. There is no official size of a rick of wood. The number of wood pieces in each rick varies from one place to another. Normally, standard rick is ⅓ of a cord if logs are cut 16 inches lengthwise, pilled 4 feet high by 8 feet long. Roughly the rick size is 4 feet high, 8 feet long, and 16-18 inch thick. You can measure rick size by measuring the length of logs and counting the number of logs as well.

Make sure each rick of firewood could have 160 pieces in total. If you can’t count wood pieces then you should focus on the length of logs. It should be 8 feet long.

What Is A Rick Of Wood

Have you ever heard someone buying a rick of wood from a retailer? If yes, you might be thinking it would be a bundle of wood, a stack of wood, or rack of wood. You are guessing in the right direction but in reality, rick of wood is a favorite term of suppliers who sell firewood by rick. However, you will not hear this term quite often as it is used in informal dealings. For more formal sales and purchases, the term cord is used.

What Size Is A Rick Of Wood

YOu may find suppliers who deal in rick anyhow. Don’t confuse this term with cord or any other measuring units as it is not a fixed standard measuring term. Whenever you ask for a rick of wood you may not know exactly how much wood you get. That’s the main issue! Uh, it can cause huge trouble for buyers as well as sellers. Why does this happen?

Let’s move further to figure out why dealing with rick can be a troubleshoot.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Rick Of Wood

Here comes the real confusion! Buyers know little about what would be the dimensions of a rick of wood. But no need to worry, we got a few dimensions to make this job easier for you. One thing is necessary to note that these dimensions may change as you shift from one supplier to another or even from one area to another.

Table of Standard Rick Dimensions

1Height of rick4feet
2Length of rick8feet
3Thickness of rick16-18inch(roughly)

How Big Is A Rick Of Wood

Fresh buyers Stop! Going to get rick of wood and thinking how huge it could be! Some even think of hiring a loading trolley to get it at home. It’s likely to be a guessing game until you get some authentic info. Now, who is the best person to tell you the exact size? For me, talk to suppliers first before googling anything.

They will guide you on how much wood or firewood you are getting in a rick. For this reason, sale and purchase through rick can be problematic somehow. Firewood dealers use this term to boost their sales. Keep this point in your mind that rick is not a basic unit of measuring wood. So, telling anything about its exact size can misguide you unless you ask personally to the supplier. Go on Urbanities! Here googling will not help you. Trust me!

Rick Of Wood Measurement

Math’s lover, come here! There is big mathematics behind it. One thing is crystal clear, You can’t measure the rick if you are unfamiliar with cord. So, let’s know about the cord first.

The cord is a standard measuring unit of firewood that is 4feet x 4feet x 8 feet or 128cubic feet. As a generic description, rick is ⅓ of a cord if logs are cut 16 inches lengthwise, piled 4 feet high by 8 feet long.

Rick of wood measurement Formula

Cord (cubic feet) x1/3 =Rick

A cord of wood measurement Formula

Length of the wood x-height of wood x thickness of wood=Cord

Size Of A Rick Of Wood

Perhaps no exact standard size! It may vary as you move on from one place to another or from one supplier to another. Rick is not a standard measuring unit but as it keeps on changing with different factors. However, after rough estimation, we can pinpoint rick size but this is not exact. The only way is to apply the formula above to know the size of the wood rick.

Simply, the rick of wood is one-third of measurement of wood cord, if piles are stacked 16 inches, 4 feet long by 8 feet high. So, this size is directly proportional to the size of the cord. If cord size varies, wood rick will also undergo a slight change in measurement. Both are twins! Can’t live alone!

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How Much Is A Rick Of Firewood

You will only hear rick if you wanna buy firewood. But not as many times as you hear cord. Because the cord is more systematic, scientific, and mathematical as compared to rick. Suppliers love cord. It does not mean they hate rick. They will use this term for fast and informal firewood sale and purchase. Let’s come to the topic of how much woods are there in each rick of firewood? Unpredictable! We have revealed certain facts.

Normally, the rick of firewood depends directly on how the logs are cut lengthwise and measurement of cord in cubic feet.

Simply, if the logs are cut 16 inches long and are piled 4 feet high by 8 feet long, a rick will be 1/3 of a cord. It will become 160 pieces of logs in total in a rick.

If these same logs were cut 24 inches long, the rick would equal 1/2 cord.

So, it all depends on the length of the log directly and the cord of wood indirectly. If you can’t measure rick you should ask about cord to make sure you are getting what you paid. In US price of firewood rick varies depending on the purpose of buying. If you are buying for the stove, rick would cost differently. The average price for a standard cord of wood (4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8ft.) is typically between $225 & $250.

What is the measurement of a rick of wood?

if the logs are cut 16 inches long and are piled 4 feet high by 8 feet long, a rick will be 1/3 of a cord.

How many pieces of wood are in a rick?

Usually, there are about 160 pieces of logs in a 4 foot by 8-foot pile of wood. However, when buying ricks of firewood, it is best to measure the size of the split logs yourself to know what and how many pieces are in the rick you are buying.

What’s the difference between a cord and a rick of wood?

Rick is smaller than a full cord. If cord measures 4 feet deep, a rick or face cord measures would be 16 to 18 inches deep.

Why is it called a rick of wood?

Rick is not a standard measurement unit. It is actually a description of the way woods are pilled or stacked

How much is a rick of wood worth?

The cost of rick depends on the cord price. It varies from place to place. The average cord price can be as low as 120$ -!80$ and high as 220$to400$per cord.


It is really hard to answer what is the size of the rick of the wood. But not impossible! You can find real facts through this article. I would recommend you not to buy firewood’s on the telephone or online retailers. Always visit suppliers personally. About half or one-third of a cord could be a rick in the terminology of firewood. Buy high-quality firewood to let your stove burning all the winter. Focus on the length of logs before counting pieces in each rick. Happy winter ahead! Stay warm! Stay Happy!

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